MLS #1 tubs have given my operation a big boost. We had over 50% of our cows serviced in the first 21 days and 93% of our heifers bred in 60 days this past year. The tubs release rate is consistent and convenient for our cattle/row crop operation. We made a good decision switching to MLS.

Two Rivers Land and Cattle
Miami County, Kansas


We use the MLS #10 on all my fresh cows. When using the MLS tubs we have fewer fresh cow problems including; fewer cows off feed, reduction of retained placentas and very few cases of metritis. The MLS #10 also seems to really help with appetite and cows stay on feed. This helps to get cows off to a good start and we feel this is a pivotal time to supplement my fresh cows. Our pregnancy rate on first conceptions is also very good. We feel it is important to supply the proper number of tubs to accommodate the number of head in a group. Tub consumption rate per cow per day is right on target with our supplier’s recommendations and remains very consistent over time.

Foster Brothers Farm Inc.
Middlebury, VT

I practice management intensive grazing with Big Blue Stem, Red Clover and mixed grass pastures. I have used MLS tubs for three years and found the body condition scores on my cattle went up each year. These tubs work for me and will work for you.

Durwood Gordon
Batesville, Mississippi

I have used the MLS product line for several years. My opinion of these products can be summed up in my neighbors words. After using the MLS #1 Supple-Lix tub during the winter of 2012-13, his response was “It did what the salesman said.”
John E. Hadden
Eastwood Plantation LLC
Okolona, Mississippi
I supply "Grazer's Select" Ball Clover Seed to parts of the Southern United States. We are on a pasture based forage system and I highly value the MLS tubs for their consistency in providing excellent nutritional supplementation to our program during the winter of 2009/2010. The cattle came through the winter in excellent body condition and re-bred on schedule. MLS Herd Manager tubs contain a mineral package that is easily consumed and with just average quality hay and plain white salt, it is hard to beat this program. We plan to continue using the MLS tubs in the future.
Ralph Womack
Sales Representative
Fairlie Seed Company, LLC
DeKalb, MS 39328
We have great results using the MLS#1 Hi Performance Supple-Lix, the MLS #12 Mineral-Lix, and the #12 with IGR Fly Control tubs. The palatability and consistent consumption of these products leads to a healthier cowherd and more robust set of calves.
Donile McMullin
Copperas Cove, TX
We like the “all natural “ ingredient concept of the MLS products. The addition of AmafermŽ to all the products allow us to get maximum utilization of our roughage both winter and summer. The added 9 B-Vitamins are an asset in combating stress as well as an aid for the immunity system.
Paul and Danny Funk
Copperas Cove, TX
As cow/calf producers we have fed loose mineral in the past but were never completely satisfied. We had inconsistent intake and lost a lot of mineral due to moisture, wind, and spillage.

We discovered the simple, controlled, waste free solution that maximized the major and trace mineral consumption our cows needed and were not getting. MLS has made our mineral program easy, convenient, and more cost effective.

With Altosid IGR added during the horn fly season, we have fewer eye problems, and the cattle are spread out, even during the heat of the day. The added AMAFERM, helps to utilize our forage and feeds that are available no matter the type, quality, or time of year.

MLS supplements have had a positive affect on our operation. We can rely on consistent consumption of each animal, including the timid cows. Using this product gives our cow/calf pairs a better fill on less feed, a healthier animal, and a noticeable increase in conception rates.

Armstrong Angus
Atchison, KS

J & R Distributing began the handling and distribution of Midcontinent Livestock Supplements in 1991.
I believe the MLS Tub under many management conditions for livestock on a forage based diet offers a perfect compliment to our line of manufactured products.

J & R Distributing
Lake Norden, SD

We use the MLS #1 Hi Performance tub throughout the year for cows summer grazing fescue pastures and wintering on stock piled fescue. The results show "fescue foot" problems are all but eliminated and the cattle have a shinier, thriftier hair coat. The utilization of stock piled fescue is much greater on on a smaller volume of feed allowing us to run more cows on the same number of acres.

It’s a great product for year round use in our operation. In short our cows look better, stay healthier, perform at a higher level, and produce more pounds of calf at weaning time.

Stuarts Draft, VA

Here in Ellis County Kansas, we have been using MLS tubs for 10 years and feel they are well worth the investment. Our cows are in excellent shape resulting in lower vet bills, healthier calves, and better breed back, with fewer open cows. We have never lost a calf at weaning time. We feel the minerals combined with the vitamins and extra protein in the winter are the primary reason. Grass tetany problems have been completely eliminated since using the

MLS #2 Hi Mag tub during the lush grass times.

Miller Angus Farms
Ellis County, KS


Midcontinent Livestock Supplements, Inc.
Moberly, MO  - 
Valley Mills, TX  -  Ellendale, ND

Midcontinent Livestock Supplements, Inc.
Ellendale, ND  -  Moberly, MO  -  Valley Mills, TX

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