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Midcontinent Livestock Supplements low moisture cooked molasses tubs provide controlled, consistent supplement delivery to all species of livestock. When considering options for nutrient supplementation delivery, MLS provides a well rounded product line to supplement any forage based or range feeding program.

MLS #5
MLS #6
MLS #7
Formulated to provide protein, additional energy, and organic trace minerals needed for optimum development of replacement heifers and bulls. An all natural forage supplement containing protein, energy, vitamins, and trace minerals formulated for young cattle during weaning, shipping, or situations leading to stress.
Contains AvailaŽ4 from Zinpro Corp.
For young nursing calves needing a maintenance or growing ration. A balanced supplement containing natural protein, major and trace minerals and added vitamin B to aid the immune system.
Contains AvailaŽ4 from Zinpro Corp.
Formulated for young growing beef cattle in a backgrounding situation. Can also be used on cattle on high roughage diet and not yet acclimated to bunk feeding.
Contains AvailaŽ4 from Zinpro Corp.
MLS #25
Mineral supplement designed for feeding to stocker cattle and replacement heifers. This product is high in energy and has concentrated vitamin and trace mineral levels. Contains AvailaŽ4 from Zinpro Corp.      

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